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NanoVista Sleek Arcade

Available in 1 color
Sizes: 46-17-127 and 48-17-127

Compatible file extensions to upload: png, jpg, jpeg, gif

Maximum image width: 6000 px.

Maximum image height: 6000 px.

As low as $160.00


NanoVista Sleek Arcade Eyeglasses

New and Authentic Frames


SIZE 46-17-127 48-17-127
46MM 48MM
17MM 17MM
127MM 127MM
Single Vision Typically used for distance vision correction or near vision (reading glasses)
Bifocals Used for distance and reading correction. The most popular are Flat Top 28 or FT Top 35 or RD 24. It is easily recognizable by visible lined bifocal segment.
Trifocals Used for distance, intermediate and near vision correction. The most popular are FT 7x28 or FT 8x35. It looks like bifocal but the reading segment has an additional line that separates the intermediate and near vision power.
Digital Progressive Digital Progressive also called no-line bifocal. Lenses provide a smooth transition from distance through intermediate to near reading correction.
Plastic CR-39 Plastic CR-39 lenses are currently the most prescribed lens material; low cost, and high optical quality.
Polycarbonate Polycarbonate lenses are thinner than standard plastic lenses and are impact resistant. Recommended for babies, toddles and children. Good choice for sports and safety eyewear.
Trivex Trivex is a relatively new material that is similar to polycarbonate lenses but with higher quality optics. It is the lightest prescription lens material. Trivex is a better choice for rimless or drill mount frames. Trivex is just as impact resistant as polycarbonate and may also be prescribed for children’s lenses, sports lenses, and safety lenses.
High Index 1.6 Thin and comfortable. 30% thinner than standard lenses and good optical characteristics. Suitable for rimless and semi rimless frames. For every sight defect. For people looking for aesthetic lenses.
High Index 1.67 Very thin lenses. 35% thinner than standard lenses Recommended for any correction and any type of frame. Suggested for people interested in elegance, fashion and modern products.
High Index 1.74 The flat and the thinnest organic lens on the market, ideal for all vision correction. Over 45% thinner than CR-39 lenses and 3 times lighter than glass lenses. Especially recommended for people with high power prescription and for users looking for the ultimate aesthetics.
Transitions Transitions lenses are perfectly transparent inside and darken outside under the influence of UV radiation from the sun in just 30 seconds. Returning to an inside they become clear in just a few minutes. They provide full protection of the eyes against sunlight. Transitions lenses don’t get dark in the car.
Polarized Polarized lenses eliminate screen light, horizontal reflections and glare. Significantly improves the quality of vision and provides effective protection even during prolonged exposure to sun light. Lenses good for drivers, cyclists, sailors, skiers, fishermen and people in the sun.
Blue Blocker It is a new generation lens coating that combats eye fatigue by reducing exposure to blue light from smartphones, tablets, computer screens, TVs, energy-saving lighting and the sun.
Anti-reflective Coating Reduces light reflections appearing on both sides of the lens because they eliminate over 98% of lens reflections. It significantly improves the quality of vision and the aesthetics of your glasses.
UV Filter The UV filter blocks ultraviolet radiation, thus providing full eye protection. 100% protection guaranty against adverse effects of exposure to sunlight.
Tint Tint provides screen against bright light. Eyeglass lens colors are just a matter of taste. The optical market is full of sunglasses with lenses of different colors. The color, density and tint type (solid or gradient) is base on individual preference.
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