About Us

GoSmartEyewear mission is to dispense the best quality eyewear for babies, toddlers, and children.

Quest Vision Care Specialty Lab is the industry’s leading specialty lab manufacturing exclusively for wholesale labs. In working with the wholesale labs Quest Vision Care Specialty Lab received many Rx prescriptions for children that were thick heavy and unwearable. Understanding that vision problems in children can go as far as to hinder their emotional and intellectual development as well as personality and social skills we felt the quality of quality of prescription lenses had to be improved.

GoSmartEyewear and Quest Specialty Lab management teams have made it their mission to produce only top-quality eyewear for babies, toddlers, and children. We interviewed numerous parents, children, and opticians to determine the best way to enhance a child’s visual experience. Using the information that we have gathered Quest Specialty Lab began developing Rx prescriptions for children using high definition Freeform technology that are safer, thinner, and lightweight. Their effort has been astounding and through referrals the business has grown world-wide.

Regardless of your child’s prescription GoSmartEyewear can dispense eyeglass lenses from early stage refractive deficiencies to the most complex prescriptions needed to correct serious eye conditions.

Children deserve the best when it comes to eyewear and GoSmartEyewear has a wide selection of frames for babies, toddlers, and children including many European models which include Miraflex, Solo Bambini, Zoobug, and Nano Vista.

Our eyeglass frames are designed for comfort and safety using lightweight materials and spring hinges for durability. The wide selection of bright colors and modern shapes makes our eye glass frames trendy as well as comfortable.

At GoSmartEyewear we have over Ten (10) years of experience manufacturing and dispensing high quality children’s eyewear at a reasonable cost to mom and dad.

In our journey to provided exceptional eyewear for babies, toddlers and children, parents began to develop trust in our professionalism and quality of eyewear. They wanted to have the same kind of high-quality eyewear for themselves. Today GoSmartEyewear has expanding their line of products and services o include lenses and frames for the whole family.

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