Why Are My Child’s Eyes Magnified in Glasses?

By Michael Walach

Most children in our country that need vision correction are farsighted. This means plus lenses in their glasses are required, causing their eyes to be magnified.

There are four factors on how strong the magnification will be:

  1. Prescription power.
  2. Center thickness of the lens.
  3. Steepness of the front curve (base curve).
  4. Vertex distance.

A lot of parents are concerned with the look of their children in glasses and ask us what they can do to make them less magnified. Here are 3 steps to reduce magnification:

  1. Pick the smallest frame possible that fits your child. Remember that frames in stores do not have prescription lenses in them – the bigger the frame, the more the lens is going to magnify your child’s eyes.
  2. When it comes to lens material, choose high index lenses (e.g. Polycarbonate).
  3. Insist that your eye care professional will select the flattest front curve possible.

GoSmartEyewear’s laboratory specializes in plus prescription lenses, if you have any questions please contact our customer service.