Children and Anti-Reflective Coating

By: Anthony Tangeman

In our last post we described the science of anti-reflective (AR) coating, going into detail on exactly how it works. We know that the coating reduces glare caused by light reflected off the lens, but you may be asking yourself, “Does my child really need AR coating? Is it worth the price?”

As parents and guardians, we must remember that vision is a key factor in a child’s emotional and intellectual development, especially while they are infants. People grow and learn skills over time. As babies, we listen to our parents talk and we try making those same noises. We see them walking around and we clumsily balance on our own feet. In a similar manner, we train our eyes in order to see the world around us. This “training” happens soon after birth, with the largest developments in our vision occurring over the first two years.

Whether or not your child needs to have AR coating largely rests on your child’s eyeglass prescription. If your child has polycarbonate or high-index lenses, you should seriously consider AR coating. These lenses reflect more light, which can be counter-acted by the AR coating’s ability to absorb light and reduce glare. Because of this, your child would greatly benefit from improved vision and increased comfort.

But what if your child does not have polycarbonate or high-index lenses? Would they still need AR coating? Not necessarily, but I would still definitely recommend it. Regardless of how much your child needs AR coating, one thing is clear: AR coating reduces eye strain, promotes healthy vision over time, and offers aesthetic benefits to your child’s glasses.

When glare exists on the lens it can be difficult to actually see the eyes of the person wearing the glasses. AR coating eliminates glare, meaning that people can see your child’s eyes clearly through the lens, whether in person or in pictures. Younger children can become discouraged if they suspect people have trouble seeing them clearly. Your child can be confident and comfortable knowing that other people can see their eyes without trouble.

In essence, AR coating allows for a more positive experience in wearing eyeglasses. Your children should want to wear their glasses. They should feel comfortable wearing their glasses. The vision and aesthetic improvements AR coating provides helps facilitate a positive experience with prescription eyeglasses. Thus, AR coating is well worth it and should seriously be considered for anyone wearing prescription eyeglasses.

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