About the Author


Michael Walach – President

The President and founder of the GoSmartEyewear.com has been an innovator, manager, and executive in the optical industry for over 35 years. He graduated from a Technical College specializing in electro-technology; attended VUT University in Brno, Czech Republic; and earned a Master Optician Certification in Warsaw, Poland. In the 70’s Michael and Stephen Cohen of CC Systems opened a wholesale optical lab in Toronto, Canada.

In 1977 Michael became the General Manager of Coburn in Montreal, Canada. In the 80’s he developed a lab program and within 10 years gained a customer base of over 700 labs in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Michael also developed a line of sophisticated microprocessor quality control instruments for optical laboratories, hard and disposable tooling systems, and holds U.S. patents on unique multifocal lenses.

In the 90’s Michael opened a wholesale lab in Warsaw, Poland and optical retail stores in the Czech Republic. Over the years Michael has done consulting for software companies and labs in the U.S., Canada, and Europe including AKLENS in Izmir, the largest lab in Turkey, and Zeiss in Germany.

In 2004 he established Quest Vision Care Specialty Lab which is committed to utilize his knowledge and lifetime experience to continuously innovate, improve, and produce the highest quality effective prescription lenses to better the quality of life of patients and to maintain and raise the professional standards of the eye care profession.