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Thickness and Thinness of Eyeglasses Lenses

Thickness/Thinnes of Eyeglasses Lenses
By Michael Walach

“How thick are my baby eyeglasses lenses going to be?” is probably the most often asked question the mother asks the eye care professional.

There is no simple answer because the question of your baby or toddler lens thickness is a complex topic.

On minus power lenses there is a minimum center thickness requirement.


Minimum Center Thickness for Minus Power Lenses

Minimum center thickness of lenses is further affected by the stability of the material and its impact resistance in its final form i.e., with any hard and AR coatings applied.

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What Is the Best Lens Material for Baby Eyeglasses?

By Michael Walach

The main determining factor to select the best lens material for your baby or toddler eyeglasses is the prescription. Most prescriptions for babies in the US are plus (+) power lenses for the correction of hypermetropia, commonly called farsightedness. In a hypermetropic eye, the light does not bend sufficiently so that it focuses at a point behind the retina. It is caused by an imperfection in the eye, usually when the eyeball is too small or the crystalline lens in the eye cannot become bi-convex (round) enough, resulting in difficulty to focus on near objects.

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