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3 Types of Vision Problems Glasses Can Solve

By Michael WalachBio

Our eyes allow us see by taking in light and processing it into signals to our brains. The light is refracted (bent) by the eyes in this process. If the refraction is not perfect, then our vision is impaired.


Diagram of the Eye

There are three types of eye refraction errors:

  • myopia (nearsighted)
  • hyperopia (farsighted)
  • astigmatism (uneven refraction)


Myopia is where the eyes bend incoming light rays too much, causing nearby objects to be clear, but distant objects appear blurred. By wearing glasses, we move the eye’s focus point farther away, allowing us to see far away items more clearly.

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Symptoms of Child Vision Problem

By Michael WalachBio


Vision problems with children can be broken into three types – mild, serious, and very serious. Here are the visible symptoms for each type.

Mild Problems: If you notice any of the symptoms below, you should mention it to your doctor on your next visit.

  • Head tilted – may be an indication that the child is avoiding double vision
  • Pupil defect – if part of the iris is missing, it may be an outward sign of a defect of the inside of the eye
  • Unequal pupils – may be a sign of nerve damage or tumor which is visible in one eye

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